Are SA’s pension funds secure enough for the two-pot pension system?

iiDENTIFii, a leading remote biometric identification provider, has expressed concerns that retirement administrators may not have the security in place to safely and effectively fulfil withdrawals for the two-pot pension system. Inadequate security will have a significant impact on consumers, and the liquidity of the funds themselves. 

Revolutionizing security: How African banks are keeping customers safe across all channels


As digital platforms in financial services grow in sophistication and the idea of ‘branchless banking’ becomes a reality, customers have access to new efficiencies and personalised services.

Reversing South Africa’s greylisting is possible – one security feature may hold the key

authentication technology

Identity verification and advanced biometrics constitute the core tenets of financial compliance and anti-money laundering (AML). AML refers to the measures financial institutions must put in place in order to prevent financial crimes from taking place. Know Your Customer (KYC) is one of the AML measures used by businesses to collect information about their customers, thereby verifying their identities. 

AI scams using voice cloning are the new frontier for fraudsters targeting consumers

Voice cloning AI

Audio recognition technology has been an attractive security solution for financial services companies across the globe, with voice-based accounting enabling customers to deliver account instructions via voice command. Voice biometrics offers real-time authentication, which replaces the need for security questions or even PINs. Barclays, for example, integrated Siri to facilitate mobile banking payments without the need to open or log into the banking app. Visa partnered with Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank to introduce a biometric voice and voice-based authentication platform for e-commerce which uses biometric sensors built into a standard smartphone.

Will face mapping still recognise you if your features change?

When it comes to proving your identity online, face ID – also known as face biometrics – is fast becoming one of the most reliable methods of authentication. Why? Because your unique facial features are the most reliable indicator of what makes you, you.

iiDENTIFii Announces Strategic Channel Partnership

South African face biometrics leader iiDENTIFii has announced that local cybersecurityprovider CYBER1 Solutions, will represent their award-winning solution in South Africa. CEOof iiDENTIFii, Gur Geva, says, “We’re thrilled about the increased momentum our platform isgaining in the region through this strategic move. Collaboratively, we aim to provide agreater number of businesses with robust identity verification

SafetyDetectives Interviews Gur Geva, Founder and CEO of iiDENTIFii

safetydetectives interviews iiDENTIFii

In a recent interview with SafetyDetectives, Gur Geva, co-founder and CEO of iiDENTIFii, shares insights into his role and the innovative strides iiDENTIFii is making in biometric digital authentication. Geva, a fervent advocate for leveraging AI and intelligent technologies, emphasizes iiDENTIFii’s commitment to enhancing the security of digital identity in financial services. The discussion delves

Tarsus Distribution announces exclusive partnership with iiDENTIFii for the African market

Tarsus Distribution has signed a distribution agreement with iiDENTIFii, a Cape Town-based innovator in biometric technology. The partnership brings the latest in identity verification solutions to the African continent. As a leading provider of integrated information and communications technology (ICT) solutions in Africa, Tarsus Distribution is excited about the partnership’s potential to significantly enhance identity

Why South Africa’s networks need to defend against the devastating effect of SIM swap fraud


Mobile networks must not be complacent about SIM swap fraud and they need to prioritise the protection of customers. This is according to Gur Geva, Founder and CEO of iiDENTIFii.  “Although SABRIC has noted a slight decline in reported SIM swap fraud in its latest report, mobile service providers still need to tighten up their