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iiDENTIFii caters for growth with Microsoft

South Africa, Current The exponential rate at which iiDENTIFii is growing has allowed for their platform to be deployed across a multi-hosted global infrastructure within a matter of months. This locally based, innovative, artificial intelligence company which is focused on the augmentation of online and offline identity has expanded its global infrastructure to the Microsoft

iiDENTIFii deployed in Latin America

Global, Current iiDENTIFii’s leading edge facial recognition technology has been called on outside of South Africa and beyond Africa. South African born and bred remote digital identity AI company, iiDENTIFii, is making their mark across the globe. Having been recognized by leading banks in Latin America, iiDENTIFii are leaving their footprint in a global partner

South African owned AI company, iiDENTIFii is on a rapid, upward trajectory

Though iiDENTIFii’s team have been working on their digital identity deep authentication technology for a number of years, they have only recently officially launched their platform on home soil, right here in South Africa. Introducing their technology just a few short months ago, they have quickly found themselves amidst a massive growth wave, moving into

iiDENTIFii’s Artificial Intelligence trained brain

Working within dynamic and versatile markets such as South Africa, Africa, Latin America and Asia, iiDENTIFii has grabbed the attention of Big Tech, as a result of its highly trained facial recognition artificial intelligence engines. Through their deep learning neural networks and artificial intelligence algorithm, iiDENTIFii is entrenching vastly different facial images across various ethnic