Biometric data and your SIM card might soon be linked

biometric data

Linking biometric data to SIM cards The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has proposed linking biometric data to SIM cards. If successful, new regulations would require all South Africans to provide their biometric data to mobile service providers to obtain a new cellphone number or action a SIM swap.  ICASA’s proposal calls for

KYC and AML – what is it?


Why is it so important in compliance and preventing fraud? How do you know someone is who they say they are? How do you confirm your customer’s identity when they aren’t sitting across the desk from you?Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations were established to reduce the impact of money laundering, fraud

Identity gets a remake for the digital age


Different versions of our identities Identity isn’t what it used to be. Not only do we have different versions of our identities for different contexts – think ID document, passport and driver’s licence numbers all being different and multiply that by numerous online user names but we also now enter the metaverse world of avatars

Digital identity is a crucial business requirement post-Covid

digital identity

It is well-known that the Covid-pandemic has forced change in many industries and driven digitalisation at a pace faster than anyone could have anticipated, but it has happened at the cost of robust security and digital authentication, hence the need for digital identity. The ramifications of this could be felt soon as it becomes increasingly

Social Engineering: What to look out for and how to prepare?

Social engineering

Social engineers are truly the con artists of the 21st century. Tricking people into divulging information or doing something, probably harmful is their game. Social engineering plays on a potential victim’s natural tendencies and emotional reactions. Every day, millions of people log in to accounts to complete activities online. For bank accounts, social network accounts,

Identity Proofing. The keys to verify and authenticate your customers’ identity online.

identity proofing

Identity Proofing iiDENTIFii is fast becoming the identity proofing partner of choice for South African customer-focused organisations. In the global economy, with most business transactions happening digitally, it’s less and less likely that there will ever be a physical human being attached to the rands we receive or pay. As business owners and especially during

iiDENTIFii wins best enterprise solution at 2021 MTN App of the Year Awards


MTN Business App of the Year Awards 2021 In its 10th year, the MTN Business App of the Year Awards 2021 awarded South African technology company, iiDENTIFii, the Best Enterprise Solution for its biometric digital authentication and automated onboarding solution. Speaking after receiving the prestigious award, co-founder and chief strategy officer, Lance Fanaroff, said iiDENTIFii

iiDENTIFii wins Microsoft South Africa 2021 ISV Partner of the Year award


Microsoft Partner Awards Biometric digital authentication and automated onboarding technology solution, iiDENTIFii, recently added another accolade to its growing list of awards by being named as the New or Emerging Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner of the Year in the Microsoft South Africa Partner of the Year 2021 Awards. The Microsoft Partner Awards recognise the

iiDENTIFii: Biometric Facial Authentication Partner of Choice in Africa


Selected by iProov as its first premier partner in Africa iiDENTIFii, a local market leader in remote digital biometric identity verification, has been selected by iProov as its first premier partner in Africa. As digitisation has accelerated across Africa, liveness detection has become a critical function must-have. As cyber attacks become ever more sophisticated, additional security