iiDENTIFii Achieves Microsoft Global Co-Sell Status


iiDENTIFii attains Microsoft co-sell Partner status In just a few years since launching its remote biometric digital authentication and automated on-boarding technology platform, iiDENTIFii has attained Microsoft co-sell Partner status with its biometric digital authentication and automated onboarding solution hosted in Microsoft Azure. This coveted global status is a significant achievement for a South African-based

Retail and Commercial Banks Need to Enhance Digital Security to Safeguard Clients against fraud


Fighting fraud in a digital world Now more than ever, the need to fight fraud and improved data security within financial services and banking institutions have taken centre stage. Customers, both corporate and personal, need greater digital functionality. Covid-19 continues to cement the new normal and drive digital trends such as access to a wider

Telco industry needs to deploy a solution against identity, SIM swap fraud


Mobile service providers use remote liveness detection, biometric identification and SIM binding to stop identity theft and to prevent fraud. South Africa’s mobile service providers continue to face pressure from new and existing clients to tighten up their data security, as fraudsters continue to take advantage of false identities and SIM swap scams. Gur Geva,

iiDENTIFii achieves Top 10 status in KPMG Private Enterprise Tech Innovator Africa Awards

KPMG Private Enterprise Tech Innovator Africa Awards

iiDENTIFii, a market leader in digital biometric identity verification, is pleased to announce that the company has secured a finalist spot in the noteworthy KPMG Private Enterprise Tech Innovator Africa Awards. KPMG Private Enterprise Tech Innovator Africa Awards The prestigious competition showcases Africa’s leading tech innovators and has been seen as a significant stepping stone

Standard Bank and iiDENTIFii bring virtual identification capabilities to corporates

virtual identification capabilities

Virtual identification capabilities to corporates Standard Bank Group has announced a new partnership with South African based technology company, iiDENTIFii, bringing virtual identification capabilities to corporates. Following the launch of the group’s OneHub platform, this partnership will enable corporate customers to biometrically identify and verify the individuals they are doing business with via OneHub. Identity

Remote Biometric Verification (KYC) for Seamless User Onboarding

biometric authentication

Introduction to KYC and Remote Biometric Authentication What is KYC? In short – ‘Know Your Customer’. To expand, KYC is an abbreviation synonymous among authentication providers and fintech company executives alike – referring to a golden rule around customer identity authentication. Remote biometrics authentication is essentially about verifying someone’s identity, comparable to facial recognition –

Standard Bank Sets Benchmark with iiDENTIFii

standard bank

~iiDENTIFii provides facial recognition services to Standard Bank client base with revolutionary DigiME platform~ Digital Onboarding with a Biometric Solution As one of South Africa’s leading financial service providers and as Africa’s biggest bank by assets, Standard Bank is constantly looking for ways to evolve and secure their clients’ online service portal. This has become

iiDENTIFii caters for growth with Microsoft


South Africa, Current The exponential rate at which iiDENTIFii is growing has allowed for their platform to be deployed across a multi-hosted global infrastructure within a matter of months. This locally based, innovative, artificial intelligence company which is focused on the augmentation of online and offline identity has expanded its global infrastructure to the Microsoft

iiDENTIFii deployed in Latin America

digital identity

Global, Current iiDENTIFii’s leading edge facial recognition technology has been called on outside of South Africa and beyond Africa. South African born and bred remote digital identity AI company, iiDENTIFii, is making their mark across the globe. Digital identity is essentially information on an entity that is used by computer systems, so any personal data

AI company, iiDENTIFii on an upward trajectory

authentication technology

Though iiDENTIFii’s team have been working on their digital identity deep authentication technology for a number of years, they have only recently officially launched their platform on home soil, right here in South Africa. Introducing their technology just a few short months ago, they have quickly found themselves amidst a massive growth wave, moving into