How it Works

Identity fraud has increased exponentially every year, causing resulting in financial & emotional trauma.
iiDENTIFii enables remote contactless on-boarding. In under 30 seconds. From any device. From any place. At any time.
Using liveness, genuine presence, and triangulation technologies, we’ve created the most accurate face-match and secure proof-of-life
technology that protects you and your customers from identity theft risk, money laundering fraud, and regulatory fines.

Step 01

Take a selfie

Our automated 3D facial recognition technology proves that you are alive, and not a robot or deep-fake
This biometric liveness then sets a baseline for authentication via the patented liveness & genuine presence checks

Step 02

Scan ID document

iiDENTIFii extracts key information from your authoritative ID document, and compares the selfie to your biometric faceprint.

Step 03

Verify through triangulation

We compare your selfie and ID document photo to a Government authoritative database to authenticate your identity

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