Biometric data and your SIM card might soon be linked

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Linking biometric data to SIM cards The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has proposed linking biometric data to SIM cards. If successful, new regulations would require all South Africans to provide their biometric data to mobile service providers to obtain a new cellphone number or action a SIM swap.  ICASA’s proposal calls for

iiDENTIFii: Biometric Facial Authentication Partner of Choice in Africa


Selected by iProov as its first premier partner in Africa iiDENTIFii, a local market leader in remote digital biometric identity verification, has been selected by iProov as its first premier partner in Africa. As digitisation has accelerated across Africa, liveness detection has become a critical function must-have. As cyber attacks become ever more sophisticated, additional security

Retail and Commercial Banks Need to Enhance Digital Security to Safeguard Clients against fraud


Fighting fraud in a digital world Now more than ever, the need to fight fraud and improved data security within financial services and banking institutions have taken centre stage. Customers, both corporate and personal, need greater digital functionality. Covid-19 continues to cement the new normal and drive digital trends such as access to a wider

Remote Biometric Verification (KYC) for Seamless User Onboarding

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Introduction to KYC and Remote Biometric Authentication What is KYC? In short – ‘Know Your Customer’. To expand, KYC is an abbreviation synonymous among authentication providers and fintech company executives alike – referring to a golden rule around customer identity authentication. Remote biometrics authentication is essentially about verifying someone’s identity, comparable to facial recognition –